Low self esteem

          Negative mind set.

                     Fear of rejection
                                Shy and fear
                                                             Doesn’t mix well
                                                                        Reluctant to take part.
Help!! This isn’t what we want for our future generation and with so much of their lives being spent online, character development can be seriously affected.
What happens at an early age can have a massive impact on our future, Phycologists will often look at a patients childhood to get at the root of their current problems.
So often many opportunities can be missed for our children if they suffer from one or more of the ‘downhill’ problems above.
How can we help them?
Working with students and parents, Warrior Academy can provide the life skills to allow your child to realise their full potential and enjoy a more successful future in all areas of their lives.
The Warrior Academy work with students setting small measurable goals and challenges. With each achievement comes recognition and reward building the students belief in themselves.
Learning new skills helps to build their self esteem and as they progress through the grades their success at each stage builds on this.
Mind Control
Students learn how to retrain their inner voice allowing them to make appropriate decisions, the strength of character to say ‘no’ and giving them clarity of mind in stressful situations. They can use these skills throughout their lives allowing them to realise their full potential.
If they believe they can, they will, if they believe they can’t, they won’t.
The warrior Academy arm them with the life skills and self belief to achieve whatever they set their minds to!
                                                                                         Enviable aura of confidence
                                                                                Clarity of thought
                                                                       Not giving in to peer pressure
                                                              Enabling a positive future
                                                     Determined and focussed.
                                            Inner strength of character.
                      Never give in, perseverance
            Overcome any obstacles
   Conquering self doubt
Warrior Academy can help through every step becoming Awesome Warriors, equipped to take on all life’s challenges and realise their full potential.
Within half a year these very same students are fearless. We’ve retrained their inner voice and they now have a well developed ego and self esteem, they have a strong view on right and wrong and their strong belief in themselves inspires other students. They’re no longer afraid of failure and now seek out challenges and due to this their grades in school shoot up.
Warrior Academy parents… look forward to parents evening.