No 3: Developing Leadership skills in young people develops Self Motivation and Pride
By providing an environment where a child can develop passion and intrinsic motivation they will become proactive in their goal setting and in seeking new skills in order to develop themselves. By developing leadership qualities students will often be required to motivate others, for this to happen they must be intrinsically motivated themselves.
By being given a role of leadership from a young age we develop a strong sense of who we are and develop a huge amount of pride in ourselves and our work. This feeling of pride and respect carries with us as we grow and develop into adults and represents itself with our attitude and motivation towards new challenges and tasks and gives us a strong vision for ourselves in the future.
Through teaching others in martial arts we develop a sense of pride in our achievements, each student at some point in their journey is encouraged to pass on their learning to their peers or junior grades. They are motivated to make an impact and pass on the knowledge and they enjoy the feeling of respect and pride experienced through these mini-leadership roles.