NO 8 – Developing Leadership skills in young people teach Creative and Decision making
Creativity makes life more interesting and fulfilling, being creative feels good, it drives us forward and makes us unique and original as individuals.
Albert Einstein: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
When leading, we need to solve problems in a fast-paced environment where we do not control many of the variables and often this requires high levels of creativity. As a leader, you will often be asked to achieve a certain outcome that will require you to become highly resourceful. Creativity is one of the most important skills of a fantastic leader, it’s the ability to think quickly and make decisions quickly.
Making decisions quickly is an important part of being a leader. It centers around our confidence and our belief in ourselves and our judgement.
Creativity and decision making are the more advanced skills of leadership that are developed as students progress through a leadership programme where pressure and responsibility increases which give the student the stimuli to respond to situations in a professional, creative and decisive manner.