NO 4: Developing Leadership skills in young people teach the ability to Reason and Negotiate
We are currently discussing the 10 key areas learning leadership skills improves a young person’s character.
No 4 is here!
Part of being a leader is learning to reason and negotiate. This stems from having to encourage and motivate others in your team but also from dealing with emergencies, problems, mistakes, stress and deadlines. A good leader has the ability to negotiate a positive win-win situation for everyone in the group that is mutually beneficial. This has an excellent carry over into adult life where negotiation and reasoning skills are used so regularly in work and professional life as well as within relationships and personal life.
Within a martial arts context we teach students to negotiate group dynamics and social settings through our leadership exercises this teaches our students to resolve conflicts and make tough decisions. Students will typically take it in turns leading a group on a fitness circuit, through an exercise or drill.