DISCIPLINE(Self control)

We hear a lot of parents saying that they would like discipline to be one of the goals for their child.
These parents are not implying that they all have unruly children (well not all!) but rather that they would like their child to be able to work within a structured environment and follow disciplines which are in place.
Another way of putting it is perhaps ‘control’ of lets say, their natural ebullience!
This heading could also cover ‘respect’ and ‘courtesy’. Again, parents are not claiming to have rude or disrespectful children, in fact many report that their children behave angelically away from home, but they would like their children to be embraced by an environment which is steeped in these excellent morals so that they naturally adopt that same perfect behaviour at home.
Why use the martial art environment?
The warrior academy work mainly within a freestyle framework of  Tae kwon do and the core principles of this martial art stress self discipline and a high code of personal conduct.
Students will be in an environment where interaction between instructor and pupil is always respectful and courteous and the same behaviour is reflected in the interaction between the students themselves.
How so we exercise ‘control’ in the students?
Self control is one of the first things that we work on with our students. Through various calm, meditative drills and exercises they learn that one of the most important things they can achieve is control over their mind.
They are set a challenge to adopt their sitting position; sit quietly, eyes closed, no talking or fidgeting for five minutes. Once they can achieve this skill they can use the same technique to rehearse/focus on a move they are about to practice, it also greatly improves their concentration levels.
The importance of self control?
We actually grade students on their self control and this forms part of the syllabus in the first levels of their training.
Stars are given out for showing the following Warrior values at grading.
Self control, Respect, Perseverance, Leadership.
These calm meditative techniques teach our students how to eliminate stress and has had a huge effect on their development in sessions.
My child has problems concentrating for more than a minute!
Don’t worry! We have worked with many children with concentration issues and you will be thrilled with the results we can achieve with our programme. Children enjoy learning in a fun and interactive environment and we ensure we keep the attention of the students throughout with our unique character development programme.
A child with the gift of learning how to exercise self control is a much happier and calmer child with a better ability to make appropriate decisions in stressful situations.
Parents report improved behaviour at home and better grades at school.
Do visit this one minute video which gives you a ‘flavour’ of our classes and the self control we manage to instil in even some of our most challenging youngsters!