We all know that enjoying exercise has lots of benefits – releases endorphins which make us feel happier, keeps us healthy, make us stronger…and so the list goes on.


So much of life is now online and parents worry about the amount of time their children spend, eyes glued to the screens of their phones, tablets, laptops and game boxes. How can we motivate them to get them away from the screens?
A merger?
Children record a lot of what they do online, take hundreds of selfies and communicate with each other via the keyboard.
The Warrior Academy environment would not only offer them physical activity but also, if they wish,  an opportunity to record their progress via social media.
Each week they could set themselves a challenge of recording a short vlog or video diary, showing their contemporaries how they are becoming expert martial artists. Kicking higher and quicker, breaking boards and earning rewards throughout their progression.
My child doesn’t enjoy PE at school, how will this be different?
Firstly, they have a choice! Involve them in the decision to join The Warrior Academy, show them the video’s online, ask them if they would like to learn those skills and record their progress to show their friends. Become a real life Warrior, not just sitting at home playing the games!
Set them a challenge. When they attend The Warrior Academy and pass the first level – reward them. They will be rewarded in class so why not reward and recognise what they have achieved at home as well! Before long they will be setting their own challenges and growing with each achievement. (added bonus, spending less time in front of those screens!)
All Warrior Academy students start on a level playing field learning new skills together. Of course some children will learn the moves more easily than others but learning in such a positive and respectful community helps to build the confidence of the less able students. Everyone also has the advantage of being able to practice at home using the detailed short instructional video’s on Warrior-net.
My child never wins anything so they don’t like to compete!
No one enjoys failure and it does affect confidence levels often stopping us from trying again and not taking part in anything which may involve competition.
The Warrior Academy works with each student setting small achievable goals. With each goal achieved confidence grows. They learn how, with a little patience and perseverance they can achieve things they didn’t believe they could. As they grow with this new found confidence they enjoy taking on challenges because they have learnt the skills to help them achieve them.
At the start the only person they will be competing with is – themselves.
As they progress they will be invited to take the next grade. This is an invitation and if the child doesn’t want to they don’t have to do it, however the instructor will only invite them if they feel they are ready but ultimately the student can make the decision.
Competitions. By the time a student is eligible to take part in competitions they will be ready, their confidence will have grown and they will be eager to take part and show how well they have done.
The Warrior Academy offers students not just exercise, but exercise in a controlled and positive community which will help to boost their confidence in their sporting abilities.
This new found confidence will benefit in all areas of life.