The transfer takes place at a time when many changes within the individual, their family, and their school are occurring simultaneously. Biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional changes converge with the school transition to make it a time of considerable adaptation.
If the transition between primary school and secondary school is not well managed, children can end up feeling isolated and vulnerable. Their emotional health suffers and so does their academic performance.
A well-planned transition between primary and secondary phases will help remove any barriers to learning and enable them to reach their full academic potential as well as feeling less isolated Fortunately, we have a solution in place… it’s simple, we’ve designed it, and it’s been working behind the scenes for years.


So, here is how we smash through this transition … Warrior Style!
– The key is in the confidence… and the students who come to our clubs are beaming with it! We want each class to act as a “confidence top up”. Learning new techniques, teaching a whole class, breaking boards and gaining new belts – It’s a system that fosters confidence weekly and we are proud of our students.
– The importance of continuity in community, lifestyle and mentoring for students during this transition phase is vital. Familiar faces, a familiar mentor and a familiar structure can help a student release stress and feel comfortable.
– Respect! From being the oldest in the school to becoming the youngest in the school can be a bit of a sudden shock. As we all know; Martial Arts is all about respect. We have a special little Warrior Family here and each student, Instructor and visitor is referred to as sir/mam.
– Endorphins… they’re among the brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, which function to transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. They lift mood, reduce stress and make us all smile! It’s a nice little bonus that you get from doing a typical Warrior Academy class (that we worked out on average entails 50 press-ups, 50 squat jumps and 50 sit-ups).

A BUSY Parents nightmare …logistics!
“But my son/daughter currently goes to an after-school Warrior club… we can’t make the class anymore once we go to a new school…”

Fortunately we have several evening classes, which tend to have more senior students. We place these close to our after-school clubs (within 15-20min drive) and students going through the transition come to these classes. Try a session anywhere this term for free!

Live near Bath? Two for you!
Tuesdays – Westwood with Iford Primary School 1750-18:50… or
Thursdays – Rode village hall 18:30-19:30.

Live near Amesbury?
Figheldean village hall, it’s on a Wednesday 16:50-17:50

Live near Salisbury?
Downton Primary School for Seniors it’s Friday 16:15-17:15

All of these transition classes are taught by Instructor Seb. Click on CLUBS at the top for full details and a map.
We do urge parents to think carefully about pulling their child out during this delicate transition phase, we’ve planned for it and are here to help!
If you want to chat or discuss anything you’ve read here, or you’d like to talk about a club, which would help your child’s transition; get in touch with us via!