Everything you need to know!
Gradings are more frequent with the Junior grades (under Green Belt) and happen every 3-5 months depending on how ready the students are. Seniors normally wait 6-8 months and Red Belts often wait up to a year!
If you have been invited to come and watch your child grade, we would love you to come! Please do read our grading rules here:
– Gradings for Juniors typically take 25-45minutes. For Seniors they can take up to an hour.
– Please ensure absolute silence throughout out of respect for the Instructor and the children grading. Concentration is important so… phones on silent, no loud talking. Younger children may watch providing they are silent. We need your help to make the grading a success for ALL of the children.
– Please wait outside until you are asked to come inside to watch, during the first 10-20 minutes students are prepared and we get in one more sneaky practice to calm the nerves!
– The waiting time between grading and being awarded a new belt is 1-2 weeks, your child will find out how they have done on their next class.
– Failure/Success rate? We only invite students into the grading if we are sure they will pass. If a child is sick or misbehaves on the day we may reschedule the grading for them during a normal class.
We look forward to having you with us!