Does your child get frustrated with tasks they find challenging?

Do they quickly lose interest and walk away?

The Character Development Programme at the

Warrior Academy Can help!

We are all familiar with seeing our children throwing things in frustration at not being able to complete a task they find particularly challenging and walk away giving up, it’s normal!
At The Warrior Academy we can provide the skills to combat this frustration and help them to enjoy the great sense of achievement when, through perseverance and persistence, they beat the task.
Life Skills
At the Warrior Academy our students are taught different life skills throughout the year as part of their journey from white belt to black belt.
Our unique character development programme presents learning these skills in the form of challenges and goal setting. Each student is an individual and we recognise that, so many of the challenges and goals are personal to that student.
Of course all students will work towards perfecting the different moves needed to progress through the various levels and some may find them harder than others. We provide the tools to help everyone achieve the very best they can.
Challenges and Goal Setting.
This may be to set a challenge to practice the move they are struggling with at home using Warrior-net, and to come to the next class and demonstrate how good they now are. Having been set this as a challenge they will persevere until achieved knowing that their efforts will be recognised and awarded in class and progressing them on their way to the next belt or tag.
Goals and challenges can also be set by the parents and or the students. What would they like to achieve? By being actively involved in the goal setting the student takes responsibility and with responsibility, no matter how small, we grow as individuals.
As students discover how much they can achieve through perseverance and persistence their confidence grows and it won’t be long before they are setting themselves greater challenges and taking pride in their achievements.
A Different Learning Environment.
Learning within the martial arts environment is quite different to the school room. Students learn life skills as part of their journey from white belt to black belt using our character development programme.  In other words they are not sat down and told “today we are going to learn…”
The lessons are learnt as an integral part of whole experience of martial arts in an environment which is fun, structured, challenging and rewarding.
Students have the opportunity to prove to themselves what they can achieve if they persevere and enjoy the recognition and reward their efforts will bring.
Small, measurable goals – awesome results – happy warriors!
Children are always keen to replicate good experiences so once they have achieved something they struggled to do, and experienced that great sense of joy and recognition, they will more inclined to apply that same level of perseverance and persistence in other areas of their lives.