This week in our Martial Arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset:
A few updates from Warrior Academy Instructor Matt
Update from Instructor Matt:
”Happiness is not a destination. It’s what happens when we pursue any meaningful goal and feel like we are making progress toward that goal” – Michael Hyatt
Well, our students have made a massive step forward in their journey to become great martial artists this week! With belt presentations in every class, its been very busy for all at The Warrior Academy! The emphasis has been mostly on fun after belt presentation, while still working towards our South West Championships, with lots of board breaking, weapons training and sparring to get everyone ready for what is going to be our biggest event to date! Everyone has displayed great skill and self belief during our board breaking sessions, growing in confidence with every step and taking on any challenge!
Giving the students a choice of class focus as a reward for outstanding effort in last weeks gradings, some of our young warriors have opted to work on their weapons skills. As a result we have seen some brilliant impromptu nunchuk patterns, with displays of great skill. For some of our students this week has been their introduction to nunchuks, and in some cases, weapons training as a whole! Weapons training is fantastic for developing focus and co-ordination as well as self control. I look forward to seeing the result of these classes at the Championships! It’s going to be great!
Our other main focus this week at The Warrior Academy has been sparring. Our classes have been working on their boxing skills to improve their footwork and think about manipulating their opponents guard. Next week we will step this up bringing in kicks as well, using the skills we have learnt while boxing and applying them to better improve our sparring technique and build confidence ready for competition day! Sparring is so important for all learning martial arts. We have just developed our new Warrior Academy Sparring Program (W.A.S.P) to help introduce all of our aspiring warriors, young and old, to sparring asap. So watch this space for more news in the near future!
Have you seen our Pop Up Dojo? We will be bringing our dojo to events across the summer, so keep an eye out at an event near you and if you see us make sure you stop by and say hello and join in with some training! The first event to have the Pop Up Dojo experience was St Mary’s summer fete in Bath this weekend. The students involved in the display were brilliant and we had a good turn out of prospective students trying out our unique brand of martial arts! A fun day for all!
Next week we will be continuing training hard for the South West Championships on the 10th July. Students have until the 1st July to sign up for what is promising to be an amazing day and a great opportunity for all our students to meet young warriors from all of our awesome clubs across Bath and Wiltshire, and have the chance to take home a trophy or two in one of the many categories to compete in. Can’t wait to see everybody there!
See you next week!
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