This week in our Martial Arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset:
Update from Instructor Matt:

Forget about winning or losing – Focus on learning and developing.

This is what we are all about here at The Warrior Academy and this week our focus has been on Championship preparation. Our students across Bath, Salisbury and Wiltshire have been having fun developing their weapons skills, board breaking technique and sparring drills in every class. The Juniors have produced some amazing nunchuk patterns and some have even managed to break the advanced black board! We have also been having fun with elbow tag, which is brilliant for preparing our young warriors for sparring in the future, using good footwork and simulating boxing to twist and turn to avoid strikes sets the foundations for a successful future when they are sparring for real. All of our students have been able to display their skills in mini- club comps which are lots of fun and good practice for the big day! Is great to see how excited everybody is for what is going to be an awesome day!

It’s been a huge week for everyone here at The Warrior Academy. Four of our Red Belts moved up to Black Tag after what I heard was a really tough advanced grading! These students have been training with us for up to 7 years and they are turning into truly amazing martial artists! We now have seven Black Tags in our Warrior Family, these guys are brilliant role models for all of our students and work really hard every session setting a brilliant example, so well done guys!

Thanks to all students who have turned out to help us at our demo’s we’ve had recently, also a big thank you to all the parents who have been really helpful helping us set up and making sure your young warrior is there to display their awesome skills to the masses! We’ve had very positive reactions to our displays and the open classes in which we teach prospective young warriors weapons skills, give them the chance to smash some breaking boards and just give them a taste of what we offer at The Warrior Academy. Hopefully see you soon at one of our awesome clubs across the south west!

The number of Senior students we have has grown recently as some of our Juniors have progressed. This is a big change for our Juniors but is fantastic for their overall development. It means that your young warrior has shown the amount of commitment and maturity we expect from our Senior students and now with a class full of good role models can continue to develop through our martial arts program. With so many changes in children’s lives, within and outside of school, we ensure that we provide a solid source of support through learning to prepare them for everything life can throw at them. Helping them to achieve their full potential in every aspect of life. Having so many moving up means its the perfect time to sign your little warriors up to one of our Junior classes so they can start their own black belt journey!

This week commencing, we are going to be polishing our skills ready for the South West Championships this Saturday. We can’t wait to see you all there!

See you in class!

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