This week in our Martial Arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset:
A few updates from Warrior Academy Instructor Martin
Update from Instructor Martin:
It’s been an exciting week in the warrior academy camp with it being the first ever grading week for many classes and for the other classes striving for greatness…..
The week gave some parents the first opportunity to view their children’s initial progress with pride and amazement; it would be true to say that the traditions of the warrior academy for respect, commitment and hard work were outlined once again by the standards of the gradings with the students throughout.
The excitement of completing the tasks by all involved were evident from the pictures uploaded to our sites and some lovely comments made by many parents both about the quality of the warrior academy team training and the love for attending the classes that had been communicated by their children, we appreciate all the lovely feedback given, thank you.
The warrior academy instructors have continued to train hard in the background and push the limits of their own capabilities and this week were actively working together to further develop the Warrior Academy Sparring Program (WASP) as we move ever nearer to the summer tournament, this will be for some the first chance to experience the amazing feeling of competing for medals and trophies as well as give them a chance to meet and get to know others from around the academy, learning new skills and making new friends.
It’s a very exciting time ahead!!
In the forthcoming week we will be presenting students with their new belts along with some special awards given in the form of stars for various outstanding students who were seen to shine in areas of their grading, to them we say congratulations and to all we salute you for the standards you have all achieved!
Here at the warrior academy we see the potential of all our students for greatness. We instil the passion to bring qualities they never thought they had, develop those skills and set them on the path to become more than they thought they could be. This overflows into all aspects of their life, home, studies, friendships and it all begins with finding the potential seen by all our instructors from the first time a student walks into one of our dojos, we believe firmly in the saying …..

‘The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become! ‘

See you in class!
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