This week in our Martial Arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset:
This week in our Wiltshire and Somerset Martial Arts classes there’s lots to report. We hope this blog helps to give people a good idea of what we get up to in class and of up coming events!
Several new Martial Arts students have gone home this week with our exciting new welcome packs! We hope the new welcome packs give a brilliant insight into our exactly what we have to offer. One on one adult training, children’s junior, senior and advanced classes in over 30 locations every single week, Ninja birthdays and of course our holiday camps and championships!
During the classes there has been a huge technical focus with the martial arts training, working hard in class to prepare students for grading day which for most students is in just 3-4 weeks.
We award tags on the belts of our Tae Kwon Do students during their training to show their progress in Martial Arts. These tags are colour coded as follows:
Green – Tae Kwon Do Technique and line work. Students are assessed in class on their line work to show that they are confident in the accuracy of each technique required to pass their grade.
Yellow – Martial Arts Leadership. Students are tested on their leadership by taking a small part of the class. We start this from white belt and up. This means even our little 4 year olds are taking time to learn about public speaking. Students who pass their belts criteria for leadership are given a yellow tag.
Purple – This tough tag is awarded for fitness. Students are asses in press ups, sit-ups, squat jumps and the advanced students are assessed on the cardiovascular fitness via a standard bleep test.
Black – The black tag is awarded to Senior and Advanced students only. It refers to Martial Arts / Tae Kwon Do combat, this includes clinching and sparring.
Brown – This is a tag specific to the Junior grades which is awarded to those who pass their Belt Test. They must tie their Tae Kwon Do belts up on their own in order to become a Senior student.
Once the students have all the tags required to pass their grading they are invited to come to a grading to be assessed. Parents are invited to watch at the event.
We try to give out tags on belts on a week by week basis so attendance is so important in order not to miss out! This week students have worked really hard and earned their Self Defence tags! The Junior students in Rode have been fine tuning their leadership skills and are due to be presented with their Leadership Tags this week.
Meanwhile with our exciting Kali stick weapon class, the students have moved on to learn 4 new strikes and blocks and are improving every session, preparing for their Kali Stick assessment which should before the Summer holiday depending on progress.
The Red belts have been working hard on their own Tae Kwon Do combinations this week. Showing their vast knowledge of different strikes and were unfazed when asked to show the entire class. Oz and Maddie from the Leadership Team were challenged this week when asked to take part of the senior class. Both did an amazing job showing great self confidence.
To keep fitness fun and the classes engaging we have been building on our ninja assault courses. The Juniors have been completing our awesome Assault course relays which include jumping, balancing, sprinting, tons of kit and of course a few Tae Kwon Do techniques which they love participating in.
A mini sparring comp in the Leadership got rather technical with some great styles of fighting on display. In the coming week we will continue to work hard to prepare students for grading with some fun sparring to boost confidence!
Next week we will be talking about our new Martial Arts Instructor, Instructor Martin, who is reaching the end of his intensive 6 week full time course. He has an incredibly interesting back ground in Martial Arts so stay tuned!

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