This week in our Martial Arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset:
Update from Instructor Martin:

This week we’ve been building and working harder towards the incredible South West Championships 2016, the classes have been steered towards more agility, more sparring and even greater awareness of the skills development and appliance of those skills in the tournament environment, with board breaking, mini in-class competitions and circuits all designed to prepare students for the fantastic day …….. There’s been an intensity of excitement and the thirst for more knowledge from all which has been truly apparent by all the Warrior Academy instructors  as we progressed through the week!
Then it was finally upon us…. The Warrior Academy South West Championships 2016 had finally arrived, as students, parents, friends and family arrived the nerves were more than apparent,……. but they soon left when the Warrior Academy team took all the students through a warm up routine that they will remember for a very long time! ….. The now famous Warrior Academy ‘Thunderstruck’ warm up had set the scene for the day ….focus, determination and fun replaced the long forgotten nerves completely !
It’s at times like these, as instructors that we question…… ‘How much of the last few weeks preparation has been taken on board? ….. How much has been truly understood? And how much will be retrieved when the pressure of the championships are upon them?……….. Well ….I can honesty say that what we, as instructors witnessed during the day and especially during the sparring was incredible! Time and time again, moves, techniques and patterns taught only within the last few weeks were being displayed and all delivered with such quality ! Incredible, as the points added up even more recall was being displayed and a proud moment it certainly was!….. Well done all!….. Those tiny changes in skills, in attitude and in confidence  will stay in your lives forever and help as you grow and develop further into the amazing people that you are all showing us you are !

“We may not be able to direct the wind, …but we can certainly adjust the sails!”
Well done to all our amazing students!……. and of course a big thank you, as always to all the parents and families in the background, some of whom had travelled a long way to attend the championships this week and once again gave their great support  as the young warriors progress so positively within the Warrior Academy……..
 ……thank you from all of us!

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