One of the central tenets of all forms of the martial arts is an absolute focus on self-discipline. Today’s kids are so accustomed to receiving instant gratification that lessons in self-restraint and discipline aren’t always easy to come by. Children with a martial arts background, however, are continually reminded of how essential self-discipline/self-control is.

Teaching self-control is one of the most important things that parents can do for their kids, these are some of the most important skills for success later in life. Self Control is literally the “ability to control ones-self.” This lifeskill trait is one that is correlated with higher grades in school and more satisfaction in life. This seems like a no-brainer but by learning self-control, kids can make appropriate decisions and respond to stressful situations in ways that can yield positive outcomes.

+ Higher Grades
+ Appropriate Decisions
+ Independent thinking
+ Resistance to peer influence
+ Clarity in stressful situations


“Someone who controls their body and their mind,” 

This is one of our definitions for a black belt, and the goal for every student at The Warrior Academy.

So we know it’s important to learn Self control from a young age, and we know Martial Arts promotes Self Control… how can we make it fun and interesting for the students?

“Sit down and learn some self control!”   VS   “Let’s talk about being a Black Belt!”…

Of course, no child wants to sit down and learn how to “improve their self control”. Most, however, would love to become a Black Belt! Understanding that part of being a black belt is having “Black Belt FOCUS and a Black Belt MINDSET” while creating challenges, games and reinforcing the success of the students along the way helps build a program of continuous progression and motivation and ultimately personal development.

IMG_9922In our classes we constantly foster the skill and value of Self Control. In every class we certainly teach our excited, young students restraint. With a structured class, standing in Martial Arts lines and often waiting patiently to hold pads etc. Students are also asked to perform self-control challenges from their very first class as a White Belt. This is a unique challenge created by the Warrior Academy that helps teach the student to control their body and mind. Students are challenged to sit still with their eyes closed without moving, fidgeting or blinking for up to 5 minutes. This challenge becomes part of a test for their grading’s.

For some students, as many parents and teachers will know.. sitting still alone is quite a challenge. We are proud of the improvements we see within the first 30 days!

The ‘Self Control Test’ has impacted so many young students lives and has picked up so much support from parents and school teachers alike that many primary schools now implement this technique before/after class to re-focus the students!

Simply put, every time your child comes to one of our classes they are learning self control. Improved self control will have a MASSIVE impact on their future life and the decisions they make. Ask your Instructor about the progress of your child’s self control anytime; we all keep a log of these things!

We offer a whole month free of Martial Arts in our clubs, because we are confident parents see the development in self control their children build. This is just one of our core values, come and have a chat with us!

– Head Instructor of The Warrior Academy Sebastian Bates.