What we mean when we say “Success Through Martial Arts”
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It’s been ingrained in our logo since inception – our students understand it and the parents of our senior students believe it and have seen it in action.
We believe the development of character through Martial Arts is applicable to all styles from boxing to traditional Asian arts. We say ‘Success through Martial Arts’. What we mean is, with YOUR help/support; we are nurturing and developing fundamental values in our young students of:
+ Integrity
+ Perseverance
+ Self control
+ Courtesy
+ Indomitable Spirit
These are the 5 tenants of the ancient art of Tae Kwon Do.
So here is what’s VISIBLE in our students:

The way they talk to each other (peers/instructors/teachers) with courtesy.
The drive students have (perseverance) to achieve both in and out of school.
The confidence in a broad range of social, sports and academic situations.
The leadership shining through in our team building exercises.
Most of our students start at age 5-7, the average Warrior Academy student is 7-9 years old. While we believe the belt/grade is a mark of the technical skill, the real development is in the character. After 5-7 years some students (who have persevered and trained exceedingly hard) will have achieved their black belt level with us. At this point the students are normally teenagers.
Here’s where it all comes together:
As the students grow to teenagers the fundamentals we have previously talked about are now translated into making GOOD decisions at a time when peer influence is peaking, at a time where students are forced to make decisions that effect them in the long term. The snowball effect of good decisions based on a foundation of strong values and good character = success in later life.
“Success through Martial Arts”

– Head Instructor of The Warrior Academy Sebastian Bates.