This week in our Martial Arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset:
A few updates from Warrior Academy Instructor Martin
Update from Instructor Martin:
As we move ever closer to the South West Championship 2016 on the 10th of July there’s an excitement building within the classes, students and Warrior Academy as a whole.
This weeks focus has been on agility training, more sparring practice and further introductions to weapons with many students trying their hand at the Kali sticks for the first time with an eagerness to constantly learn and grow in new ways. In addition to all these already exciting activities this week the newly graded students have also started to work on the new combinations and techniques on the path to progress towards their next challenges with absolute focus and dedication throughout, it’s so interesting to see time and time again the effects of achieving that first ever grade has on the young warriors, it’s a realisation that the journey has begun, a new thirst for more knowledge about where that journey will go next and a new focus and commitment that is clearly visible by us, the Instructors and parents alike.
We congratulate you all on the positive changes that you continue to make with your training and life inside ….and outside of the dojo!
The Warrior Academy team continue to work extremely hard in the background and this week have been carrying out many demonstrations around various locations, some of them within new areas and organisations keen to understand just what it is that makes the Warrior Academy training programme such a success in achieving, instilling and building strong values in young people through martial arts. This week has also given many the first chance to see the new Warrior Academy pop up dojo at some of the demonstrations and events held all of which have been a resounding success.
I would personally like to thank all the students and the parents of the students who have gone out of their way to assist at some of the locations in particular the Lover Fayre, the focus, commitment and amazing skills shown by all students who have in the background the greatest support from parents and friends has been incredible!  It’s all of you that project the professionalism of the Warrior Academy….. And it was clear to all that were watching just what amazing students you have all become and for me the qualities we strive for in our students were shinning brightly …….
………” It’s not what you look at that matters……. It’s what you see……”
What I continue to see is so many amazing developing qualities in all our students but for those of you who shone at the demonstration this weekend you were awesome! ….. I bow to you all…. I say thank you and I was so very proud to be stood in front of such a worthy team of potential black belts!!!! ….. Well done from us all at the Warrior Academy team!!!
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