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Instructor Matts blog update:
Knowledge will give you power, but character respect…..” – Bruce Lee

Leadership was our focus for last weeks classes at The Warrior Academy, encouraging students to lead wherever possible. We had very loud and fun student led warm ups, which have all been different. Its great to see the students own interpretations of how to run the warm up and their love of fitness! A lot have been making their warm ups challenging, pushing themselves and their fellow students and it was brilliant to see that nobody took the easy option when it was their turn. We then split into small groups of mixed abilities to practice teaching in front of a smaller audience, this allowed the more senior of our students to pass on a bit of their confidence and encouraged the younger students to be louder and more sure of how to conduct themselves when stepping up to teach the class. After a short practice it was time to test the skills that had been learnt and I was massively impressed to see some of our newest recruits walking up to the front and taking everybody through a technique that they had learnt and delivering it with confidence and volume. I was especially happy to see a few of our young warriors who have been with us for longer, but have always found the leadership test the hardest, stepping up and teaching the class for the first time! All in all another fantastic week! Well done guys!
In the Nunchuku course the students have been learning a new pattern which focuses on close quarter strikes. After mastering the Kata, which consists of strikes and blocks that can be used at distance, coupled with the latest pattern will give our young warriors a very good understanding of this particular weapon skill. As well as learning an ancient art and its historical origins, our weapons courses help our students develop good hand, eye co-ordination and focus. Skills which will aid them in all aspects of their martial arts journey. Keep up the good work guys!
This week we will be working on our combinations. Using pads to perfect the more difficult techniques and work on punch combinations. This will help our young warriors earn their green stripe on their belt. This is particularly difficult for students of higher grades, because as they move up there are more techniques to master, and everything becomes more complex. So don’t worry if your young warrior does not have his or her green stripe after this week, with practice and perseverance they will get there.
See you in class!!

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