This week in our Martial Arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset:

Last week we spoke about our stripe system and how this encourages and benefits our Taekwondo students. This week in our Martial Arts classes more students received their stripes for leadership and Self defence. It’s a brilliant way to represent their readiness for gradings coming up in a few weeks.

We’ve been very impressed with our students confidence during the leadership tests, some students have been stepping up and teaching the class for the first and some, like Julianna and Ericka in Manorfields Juniors have been stepping up and doing it in their first session with us! Others have taken on this challenge at the age of 4 or 5, truly inspiring. 

This week we have been talking a lot in class about respect in the dojo and respecting the dojo. Bowing as we enter and as we leave as a sign of respect for where we train. We believe that the traditional values of Taekwondo are important to instil in our clubs from the very beginning.

We have continued perfecting our techniques and self defence in preparation for the upcoming gradings and all students are looking sharp! 

Ollie King in Figheldean was awarded Blaze the fire monkey (a concept we started this year to celebrate the year of the monkey) for showing amazing focus in class and working hard to improve his techniques. Well done Ollie!

The students in the Kali class are progressing well and will be stepping up to training with two sticks after the holidays! Our weapons classes are great for improving focus and coordination as well as lots of fun! 

Have you seen the flyer our young warriors have brought home this week about the Weapons Training camp in the holidays? These camps will give our junior and senior warriors a good introduction to weapons and a great base to work off of for future training, as well as getting to know students from other clubs and having lots of fun!

We have brought some Muay Thai drills into lessons to help students with their sparring technique. Being a mixed martial arts organisation means our classes stay fresh with new techniques and drills all the time! Students become very adaptable to different styles over time, we really have an exciting syllabus. 

Our leaders have been learning some realistic self defence in class this week ensuring they are prepared for anything life throws at them! The practical application of basic movements in stressful situations is part of a clever martial arts program. Complicated self defence movements rarely work, keeping it simple is keeping it safe. Our self defence program is inspired from several arts and evolves with time.

We have been working on our boxing skills this week with fun noodle games. The noodles provide a great tool for reactions, awareness, focus and timing. Check out our videos on Instagram for an example!

Finally, this week we will have practice gradings so all of our students will be completely prepared and relaxed come the big day! 

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