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Black Belt is not a destination, but rather a journey” – World Taekwondo Family

Another exciting month for everyone at The Warrior Academy! With gradings ongoing this week and our first holiday classes in the half term just gone, it has been a very busy one! I would like to start by saying a big well done to all of our students for all of the hard work that they have put in this month. Grading prep is tough on the body and the mind, running through drills and techniques to ensure they are correct, then testing fitness and self control, all to prepare them for the big day. Our gradings are designed to test our warriors mental strength as much as their physical, pushing them to the limit and beyond to enable growth as a martial artist and in character.
I have been extremely impressed with everybody’s work ethic, coming to class even when they are feeling tired and washed out from a recent cold or coming and doing what they can in class around a current injury. We always encourage this behaviour as we feel it sets our students up for success later in life and even if injured, there is always something to learn!
With the current gradings here are few things to check before hand.

  • Making sure that licence books are filled in, the declaration of our club rules and values has been signed and with students in class on the day. If forgotten you can always post to us to ensure their book is stamped and belt is ready for the presentation.
  • Students have their full uniform and current belt. No belt means no grading.
  • Ensuring students are on time for the grading. If late they may not be able to grade.

I try and encourage all my students to take care of their own belts and kit bags. The usual excuse I get is “my mum/dad didn’t pack my belt Sir” my response is to point out whose belt it is and then to ask who the student thinks should pack it. I encourage all of my students to be responsible for their own belts and sparring kits because I feel that people grow with responsibility, no matter how small.
It was great to see so many attend the holiday classes this past half term! Which were a lot of fun! Working on pad work, sparring and clinching as well as dodgeball skills, was brilliant to be able to bring students from different clubs together to train. Hope to see more of our students at our classes over the Easter holidays!
Look forward to seeing you all this week in class to support your Young Warrior during gradings!
Instructor Matt

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