Annebel Abo

Martial Arts Instructor
Brief info

Over the past 9 years now, I've been training and teaching people on all age groups, from one-on-one to group class. Helping complete beginners and advanced competitors for the betterment of their overall well-being. My passion, intensity, experience, knowledge, and expertise in martial arts and physical fitness makes me an effective teacher who guides and trains my students to reach their own personal and professional goals. Also, I hope through my teachings, I can make a great impact on people's lives and contribute to their future success.

I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Martial Arts Concepts (concepts of different styles striking, grappling, and self defense).

Certified Advanced Martial Arts Instructor. Certified Coach Level 1 in Filipino Martial Arts, Certified Coach Level 1 in Grappling, Certified Coach Level 1 in Kickboxing and a Certification in MuayThai trained in Master Toddy Martial arts school in Thailand. As well, phase 1 certification in Kali stick & knife, MMA and Grappling under Real Combat system.

In an ever-changing world, martial arts training is necessary to provide individuals with the confidence they need. It helps individuals manage their stress physically, mentally and emotionally. As an Instructor trainee in The Warrior Academy, I would like to impart and share my knowledge and skills, as for me, life will be more meaningful if I can share what I have and what I have learned to improve others lives.

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