Jamshad Vatakkayil

Martial Arts Instructor

Master Jamshad is a dedicated martial artist with a lifelong passion for the discipline. With over 17 years of experience in the art of Shotokan Karate, he holds the esteemed rank of 3rd Dan Black Belt from the Japan Shotokan Karate Association. His journey in martial arts has been enriched by his exploration of various disciplines, including Kalarippayattu and Kickboxing.

A testament to his skill and dedication, Master Jamshad has earned the title of Asian Karate Champion, showcasing his prowess on the international stage. He has competed in numerous international championships, demonstrating his commitment to excellence and his ability to thrive under pressure.

With a decade of teaching experience in the GCC region, Master Jamshad has honed his skills as an instructor, guiding students of all ages and backgrounds in the principles of discipline, respect, and self-defense. He is known for his ability to tailor his teaching methods to suit the individual needs and goals of his students, fostering both physical prowess and mental fortitude.

Throughout his career, Master Jamshad has had the privilege of training under numerous world-renowned karate experts, enriching his understanding of the art and deepening his commitment to its traditions. His dedication to continuous learning and mastery is evident in his approach to both his own practice and his teaching, inspiring those around him to strive for excellence in every aspect of their martial arts journey