Jasmine Navarro

Certified Family & Educational Wellbeing Expert

  • Navigate Challenges: Jasmine helps students and adults manage academic pressures and life transitions.
  • Build Resilience: She equips clients with tools to boost self-confidence and resilience.
  • Foster Family Dynamics: Jasmine strengthens family bonds and overall well-being.

Jasmine is a family wellbeing expert, draws from her personal trauma experience at 18 to help families navigate their own challenges. Recognizing the importance of emotional awareness, processing emotions, and effective communication, Jasmine creates interactive workshops for parents to support themselves and their teenagers and children. She emphasizes the harmful impact of avoiding important conversations within families and offers her expertise to assist parents struggling to communicate with their teenagers or children, as well as those experiencing high levels of stress. Jasmine encourages reaching out for a conversation to explore ways to improve family dynamics and overall wellbeing.


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