Joshua McCandless

Martial Arts Instructor

Instructor Josh has 1st Dan Black Belt in Freestyle Taekwondo and has been training since the age of 5 with the Warrior Academy UK. He has gone through the full cycle and has experienced almost every part of what the Warrior Academy has to offer.

Josh is a prime example of a life dedicated to Martial Arts. From a Warrior Academy white belt, now to a 1st Dan Black belt, Josh has gained 14 years of training experience and has now become a full time Instructor in the UAE.

At a young age, Josh had low self confidence and wanted to try and see himself in a better light. Training under the Warrior Academy program, he learned how to be more confident in his own abilities and skills, this has allowed him to compete in many of the competitions that Warrior Academy have held, and he has won the Winter Warrior and the Summer Samurai 4 times each.

Josh is also the Main Instructor of the Weapons Syllabus here at the Warrior Academy UAE, he has training in 4 types of weapons: Nunchucks, Bo staff, Kali sticks and Katana. He is constantly training in his own time so that he can share his knowledge so that his students can always progress.