Leon De Villiers

Lead Instructor

Master Leon is a highly experienced Martial Artist, he holds a 4th Dan Black Belt in the Japan Karate Association (JKA), a 1st Dan Black Belt in Freestyle Taekwondo, and a Brown Belt in Judo. In addition to this, Leon is our most experienced Instructor with an impressive 43 years of teaching and training in Martial Arts.

In his time, Leon has competed for his country on the International circuit as well as having the opportunities to train across the globe under some of the best Masters in the world.

Beyond his Martial Arts career, Leon has a rich history of service and professional experience, he has served in the South African Military for 4 years during the 1980’s and spent 2 years as a consultant for the Special Security Forces in Africa. In addition to this he has 30 years of experience in the retail industry, adding a significant dimension to his professional capabilities.

As the Lead Instructor at the Warrior Academy UAE, Master Leon strives to provide quality and professionalism in every aspect of his role. He aims to share his many years of Martial Arts experience to all students that walk through the dojo doors.