Luz Maria

Conscious Parenting & Mindset Coach

  • Empowers Parents: Luz shifts the parenting focus to self-awareness and understanding dynamics through Conscious Parenting.
  • Promotes Mental Health: She enhances mental health for parents and children using neuro-linguistic programming.
  • Fosters Connection: Luz guides parents to heal inner fears and traumas, promoting mindful and nurturing parenting.

She is a certified Conscious Parenting Coach and founded Positive Living UAE to promote mental health for parents and children. With a master’s degree in neuro-linguistic programming, her focus is to empower parents by shifting the parenting paradigm from shaping and fixing children to self-awareness and understanding of parenting dynamics. Conscious parenting emphasizes connection and mindfulness over correction and blame. Through coaching, she guides parents on an inner journey to enhance self-awareness, heal inner fears, and address generational traumas. By helping parents become the best versions of themselves, Luz Maria enables them to mirror love, confidence, and self-esteem to their children, fostering conscious and nurturing.


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