Sandy Zanella

Doctor & Mental Health Expert

  • Holistic Mental Health Expertise: Offers holistic approaches integrating mindfulness, yoga, and women’s holistic health practices.
  • Stress and Anxiety Management: Sandy provides support for stressed moms and individuals dealing with stress management, anxiety, and burnout.
  • Family Harmony and Emotional Support: Sandy focuses on helping families build trust, foster connections, and manage emotions


She is a doctor and mental health expert with a background from the Brain Research Institute in Los Angeles. She combines her expertise with a holistic approach that includes mindfulness, yoga for adults and children, and women’s holistic health. Her focus is on helping families find peace and calm, building trust with their children, and fostering connections. Sandy offers support for stressed moms seeking help with stress management, anxiety, burnout, and assisting children in managing their emotions. By working together, she aims to bring harmony to families.


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