Instructor Yusuf

Yusuf Syed

Martial Arts Instructor

Instructor Yusuf is a 3rd Dan Black Belt from the Japan Karate Association (JKA), 3rd Dan Black Belt from the UAE Karate Federation, 1st Dan Black Belt in Freestyle Taekwondo and has won over 25 different championships at National and International Level.

Yusuf has had the privilege to train in various different Martial Arts Dojo and has gained over 22 years of experience in teaching and training in Martial Arts.

In addition to this, Yusuf is a Certified Examiner for the UAE Karate Federation as well as a Certified Coach under the UAE Karate Federation. He is also a Level 2 Fitness Trainer from the British Impact Training Solutions.

Yusuf is a passionate Instructor, who aims to guide his students towards being the best version of themselves as well as to gain as much knowledge in the areas of Martial Arts and Character Development as possible.