The Warrior Academy System for Daily Habits.
Daily habits can put us in a positive mindset for the whole day. I believe a powerful routine can yield powerful results for young students. Starting each day in a positive mindset will help. To truly benefit from the goal setting steps above we must plan daily habits. This is something we encourage students to do each day.
The focus is on connecting the three main parts that make up the black belt Character.
We ask our students, with our help to breakdown each of these areas into small tasks to build a little routine to perform each day that we can memorise and easily achieve, ideally in under 5 minutes. Any longer and it’s unlikely we will stick to our daily habits routine.
We find one of the best ways to wake up and feel confident, ready to go about our day in a decisive manner, with our head held high is to do some form of physical exercise. For many of our students doing a set of 10 to 50 press-ups as soon as they wake up does two things, it helps prepare them for their assessments in class and it wakes up them, gets the blood pumping and makes us feel fresh and active.
There are two very simple things we ask our students to do to improve their concentration at home. Make your bed and meditate. It sounds incredibly simple but the results are brilliant. By making our bed we feel organised. It may feel like a mundane task that serves little purpose other than to make our parents happy, but being in an organised, tidy and calm environment helps us concentrate. We leave our room already feeling a sense of achievement. By spending 2-3 minutes meditating each morning students sit with their eyes closed and focus on their breathing, just as they are taught to in class. These few moments of pausing prevent our minds from going straight into a busy day and give us a chance to evaluate our values, which leaves us with Conduct.
We have found one of the best ways to improve a person’s mindset, their behaviour and their conduct, is to make them aware of how fortunate they are whatever their situation. We ask students to write down each morning 3 things that they are grateful for. This can be as small as sleeping on a comfy bed, having breakfast ready for them or being part of an awesome community. The list grows and grows as students build this daily habit and the result is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. This decreases anxiety and boosts our happiness. We then ask students to think of one thing they can do in the morning to make someone other than themselves happy, typically we find this is clearing the table after breakfast or helping siblings get ready for school.
The above 3 parts of the WA system for Daily habits has had an amazing effect on our students and we encourage parents to give it a go at home!
We love to share practical examples and exercises that our parents can use at home to develop their child’s mindset and character. In the next blog, we have shared an exercise to try at home to build your child’s confidence!