We’ve had a great week here at the Warrior Academy, the students aged 4-15 in all of our clubs across Wiltshire and Somerset have learnt a huge amount. Here’s what went on last week in the Warrior Academy…

The Freshford advanced class; which currently teaches a rotating curriculum of traditional martial arts weapons to students, finally passed their Bo staff assessments! These guys worked so hard on individual katas/patterns for their grading and displayed some fantastic skill in the dojo with parents watching. We now move onto Kali stick training which is a traditional Philippine weapon. We find the weapon training is an excellent way to increase focus, concentration and co-ordination with our students – it’s also done with trained instructors in a  very safe environment :).

For our other classes we had a big focus on sparring techniques over the past week. With lots of work kicking off the front and back leg to build on our counter attacks specifically. 

We would like to congratulate our Durrington blue tags for getting their line-work tags! We like to assess students throughout the school term on their development and the physical representation of this are the tags shown on the belts for line work, self defence, sparring and fitness.

Keep up the good work Durrington Warriors!

Over 200 students earned their new belts in the last 2 months after a tough grading assessment in our clubs. The students who recently passed their grading have been learning their new combinations.

We have a progressive fitness plan in our martial arts classes for all of our students and we’e been amazed at the dedication shown as well as the huge amount of stamina during our circuit training sessions – all while having loads of FUN!!!

Our focus for the next week is to continue to work on our sparring technique. We have put together a fantastic drill including crescent kicks to take away the opponents guard. We also plan to continue to improve on our line work and self defence. 

At the weekend we held not ONE… but FOUR Ninja birthday parties! These parties have grown in popularity and we find our weekends booked up months in advance. With pass the parcel, martial arts games, board breaking and cutting the cake with a samurai sword – they really are the talk of the town :).

Next week we will introduce the many new clubs that we have starting up this month, a really exciting time to be part of our special Warrior family!

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