Warrior of The Month – Feb 2015

What is The Warrior of The Month Award?
Once per month one student from the 400+ Warrior Academy students is chosen carefully by the Instructors to be presented with the Warrior of The Month Award. The prestigious Warrior of The Month award given out to the student who shows our values in every class, overcomes obstacles, attends every class and acts as a strong role model for the other students. It is displaying the combination of Respect, Self Control, Leadership, Perseverance, Courtesy and Integrity that we seek to develop in our young people that we look for in our Warrior of The Month.

January 2015 Warrior of The Month

Student: Daniel Taylor
Club: Durrington School
Joined: 1 year ago
Current Grade:  Green Tag
Why we awarded Daniel the award:
The Durrington class are doing so fantastically as a group, with very high levels of concentration! Daniel has really stuck out this month in the class. Daniel has Superb technique, has developed brilliant self control, and shows his leadership in class constantly, he sets a great example for other students!
Well done Daniel!
We asked Daniel a few questions and we hope the answers help to motivate other students!

When did you join?
“About a year ago!”
Why did you join The Warrior Academy?
“I think it’s really fun and makes me a lot stronger and I wanted to do more exercise.”
What do you like most about Martial Arts?
“I love using nunchucks, I recently went to the ninja nunchuck camp and learnt lots. I now have two pairs of nunchucks which I’m learning to use at the same time”
What Goals or Challenges have you had in Martial Arts?
I want to stay in Martial Arts as long as possible and achieve a black belt! Learning the back side kick was really hard, but I’ve got it now and I’m ready for my grading in a few weeks! I found nunuchucks really hard but they are now my favourite exercise in class!