What is The Warrior of The Month Award?

Once per month one student from the 400+ Warrior Academy students is chosen carefully by the Instructors to be presented with the Warrior of The Month Award. The prestigious Warrior of The Month award given out to the student who shows our values in every class, overcomes obstacles, attends every class and acts as a strong role model for the other students. It is displaying the combination of Respect, Self Control, Leadership, Perseverance, Courtesy and Integrity that we seek to develop in our young people that we look for in our Warrior of The Month.
December 2014 Warrior of The Month

Student: Lulu Sells
Club: Downton Seniors
Joined: 2 years ago
Current Grade: Blue Tag
Why we awarded Lulu the award:
Although this was an incredibly tough decision to make as so many students performed outstandingly this month, Lulu continuously displayed our Warrior Values in class. She has developed in her Leadership hugely, shows respect to her instructors and class mates constantly, Perseveres through challenges, has an outstanding attitude and work ethic in class, her attendance is 100% and Lulu constantly putting in lots of effort! Well-done Lulu!
We asked Lulu a few questions and we hope her answers help to motivate other students!
When did you join?
“I joined in year 3 and now I’m in year 5, I started 2 years ago!”
Why did you join The Warrior Academy?
“I particularly like the idea of becoming a ninja (or martial arts expert!) and perfecting my techniques, I’ve seen people on tv, and thought it looked so cool. My uncle has an autograph and photograph of Bruce Lee and that inspired me! I want to get better and better!”
What do you like most about Martial Arts?
“I love seeing improvements, I like watching my techniques improving I really love self control and have improved lots working on my self control!”
Do you think Martial Arts has helped other parts of your life?
“I used to overreact a lot but I find with better self control I’m a bit calmer! “
What are the biggest challenges have you faced in Martial Arts?
“I struggled learning the back-side kick. It was big challenge for me! I worked on it hard, and I got it in the end (now Instructor Seb says It’s one of my best kicks!). I struggled with the cresent-kick too, but I overcame this too!”