Warrior of The Month – Jan 2015

What is The Warrior of The Month Award?
Once per month one student from the 400+ Warrior Academy students is chosen carefully by the Instructors to be presented with the Warrior of The Month Award. The prestigious Warrior of The Month award given out to the student who shows our values in every class, overcomes obstacles, attends every class and acts as a strong role model for the other students. It is displaying the combination of Respect, Self Control, Leadership, Perseverance, Courtesy and Integrity that we seek to develop in our young people that we look for in our Warrior of The Month.

January 2015 Warrior of The Month

Student: David Golawska
Club: St Marys School, Bath
Joined: 4 months ago
Current Grade:  White Belt
Why we awarded David the award:
It’s so tough to choose the student who deserves the Warrior of The Month award each month. David has shown absolute respect and focus in every single class since he started and has been a fantastic role model to the younger students, the white belts… but also the older students!  David shows courtesy, self control and respect in everything he does and his focus and concentration has improved fantastically.
Well done David!
We asked David a few questions and we hope the answers help to motivate other students!

When did you join?
“I joined 3-4 months ago!”
Why did you join The Warrior Academy?
“I wanted to learn to defend myself and look after my friends and family. I wanted to protect anyone who might get hurt by someone else when I’m older!”
What do you like most about Martial Arts?
“I love to practice my self defence and can’t wait to start sparring when I’m a green belt!”
Do you think Martial Arts has helped other parts of your life?
“I can concentrate more on other things because my focus has improved!
What are the biggest challenges have you faced in Martial Arts?
“Self Control tests were a huge challenge but now I’m really good at it!