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After years of developing the warrior-net we finally released this awesome online learning resource earlier this year and are thrilled to be able to offer exclusive access to all of our members.
What is it?
Warrior-net is a fantastic resource you can access anytime and will help our young warriors with everything covered in the classes. It offers access to hundreds of short video’s and hours of instructional material from our very own instructors.
Where is it?
On our website – just visit Warrior-net!  There are three levels – Junior, Senior and Advanced – So Warrior-net can help you the whole way from white belt to black belt.  Each level has its own password which you will given as you progress.
When to use Warrior-net?
Very simply – when ever you like! You may want to perfect a move you learnt in class, practice moves in preparation for your next grading or you may want to set aside an hour each week and have your own additional training session!
How will using Warrior-net help?
Practice and perfect! The more you can train and practice the quicker you will progress through the gradings.
Some moves may take longer to perfect than others. The short videos are a great way to help you practice the moves properly at home and as many times as you like!
Enjoy the great sense of achievement experienced when, through perseverance and persistence you master your latest moves perfectly! (and show them all in the dojo at your next class!)
Challenge yourself! Make the warrior-net session one of your goals – an hour each week at home for a month and see the difference this makes to your performance in class.
We can upload checklist goals for you so you can work towards your SMART goals at home!
Become an instructor at home – take the session with the warrior-net as guidance to show and instruct siblings, friends or parents!
Why can’t you access all the levels straight away?
Always work on the level you are on in class and perfect those moves, you will progress even quicker and will soon be accessing the next level!
Can parents use it?
Please do! Your warrior will want to show you their moves and how good they are, and the instructional videos on the Warrior-net will enable you to see just how well they are performing. Parents can also access the character development material so they can work with their warriors towards their next belt.
Some of you may already be visiting Warrior-net regularly and finding how much it can help you to fine tune and perfect those moves you learnt at the dojo or even to proudly show your parents how awesome you are and let them have a go as well!
Keep up the great work!
Please remember – when practicing at home always make sure you have enough space around you and be safe!
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