This week in our Martial Arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset: A few updates from our Warrior Academy Instructors

Update from Instructor Matt:

Welcome back! We’ve had a really busy half term with our Ninja Weapon training camps in Amesbury and Freshford! All that came had an awesome time, made new friends and learnt lots of new skills! Our Advanced students went through a tough training day to prepare them for Black Tag and Black Belt gradings. All involved worked really hard and displayed some impressive technique as well as incredible stamina in the fitness tests!

This week has been all about FOCUS. We are working hard to prepare our young warriors for their grading. We don’t just assess our students on technical ability at The Warrior Academy, we ensure that they have the correct focus and attitude to be a good martial artist. Helping students develop their self control as well as preparing them for greatness with our leadership programme.

Speaking of leadership, well done to all students who have completed their leadership test this week but a massive well done to Merlin in Figheldean Seniors for excelling in his! Not everybody enjoys public speaking, so with our training we give our growing Warriors the confidence and skills to deal with stressful situations so they are ready for anything life throws at them!

In our Kali course we have moved up to using two Escrima sticks in our training! Testing the students coordination and improving their weapons skills. We have been amazed at how quickly the students have taken to this new discipline. Our weapons programmes keep training fun while maintaining huge amounts of discipline. Beneficial for all aspiring warriors.

Blaze the Fire Monkey has been very busy. He has been home to train with Wesley from Freshord, learning side kicks on a trampoline and even been on holiday with Ollie from Figheldean! This week he was awarded to Roseanna in our St Marys club for having amazing focus throughout the Juniors pre grading!

This month is a big one for The Warrior Academy. Gradings will be running across all of our clubs from Salisbury to Bath next week, so we have been training hard to ensure all our students are fully prepared and have no worries before the big day. Parents are welcome to come along and watch and see the results of months of preparation. We are also very happy to be holding an advanced grading for some of our Red Belts who will be going for their Black Tags this month. All our students have been working so hard in the build up to grading day, will be great to see you all taking part in your young warriors special day.

After gradings we will be running full steam ahead towards our annual club competition! Brushing up on our weapons and board breaking skills in class as well as lots of sparring to get everyone ready for what is a fun day for students of all abilities. We have had a few parents of our younger warriors asking if they should come along. We feel it would be brilliant to have all of our warriors there even if they do not yet have their sparring kit. With lots of fun rounds to compete in, trophies to win and lots of other young warriors to meet. It will also be good for our new students to see some of our longest attending students in action, giving them and you a good idea of what they will be working towards as a student at The Warrior Academy. Looking forward to seeing you all at the gradings next week!

Update from Instructor Martin:

This has been an exciting week as many of our new starter classes earned their uniforms through commitment, hard work , respect and enthusiasm. Early feedback from all the new student parents has been extremely positive and underpins the unique transformations with confidence enthusiasm and greater focus in all areas that we strive for within the Warrior Academy, parents have reported that students are constantly talking and practising techniques at home along with an eagerness to attend the next forthcoming classes and events.

In addition to the new starters excitement in completing the requirements for taking part in what will be for many their first grading via the new stripe system, many of the new classes have been taking part in pre gradings this week in anticipation of the first grading in front of their proud parents. Such is the commitment and mentality to a achieve within the warrior academy we have witnessed extraordinary courage from many of them, with one student turning up for his pre grading with a bandaged arm from an accident at home and insisting he completes his pre grading fitness press ups on one arm! …. Outstanding stuff! We see this time and time again with students training on crutches with legs in plaster and suffering from illness but insisting to their parents they wish to train! … To me , this says it all, if we can inspire students to WANT to train and improve under extreme circumstances like these along with all the other benefits that the Warrior Academy provide then it’s certainly an exciting place to be, these students coming to train under illness and pain because they want too …send us all a message ….’Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass …. It’s about learning to dance in the rain!’…well done all!

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