A little update on our classes this week!

A great week here at The Warrior Academy. In our Martial Arts classes across Wiltshire and Somerset this week we focused on boxing sparring to make students focus on their guards and footwork. All students have shown an improvement in speed and reaction times which is fantastic. 

One of the main drills we worked on in our Tae Kwon Do classes was the crescent kick pad drill, once students completed the outside, inside (crescent kick) punch combination on the pad they moved on to outside, inside, jumping spinning crescent kick. Giving them a combination which can help them win in the sparring comp to come. Students really impressed the Instructors with this drill and really enjoyed. 

The classes were very fast paced this week with some awesome fitness sessions included toward the end of each session. A lot of fitness and technique based games, sparring and pad drills with a good stretch to finish. 

We’ve had quite a few new students in class this week, so a big welcome to all the new Warriors! As always our students are helpful and welcoming and we gave each new student a mentor, normally an older more senior student to help them with their technique throughout. 

Our brand new weapons course started with the Kali course this week, students really took to the new techniques learning lots already and by picking up the first 5 strikes in the first lesson working in pairs setting a good base to build on over the next 9 weeks and into the summer holidays!

Big well done to all students who completed their white belt uniform test this week! It’s always a challenge to complete the first test which is a behavioural check list at home. These students now wear the Warrior Academy official uniform with pride in class :).

In our advanced classes we began to pick up the nunchucks again to add variety to the line work. We have been splitting the Juniors and Seniors far more and look to make further changes to our clubs to make room for more seniors. 

Over this week we will focus on self defence, board breaking and flexibility 🙂

New Martial Art clubs for children in Wiltshire and Somerset starting this month:

Combe Down Primary School, Bath 18:00-19:00 Mondays

Collingbourne C of E Primary School (near Marlborough) 15:15-16:15 Tuesdays

Chilmark and Fonthill Bishop Primary School near Warminster 16:30-17:30 Tuesdays

Chafyn Grove School, Salisbury 17:00-18:00 Wednesdays

Poulshot Village Hall (near Devizes) – Thursday 16:45-17:40 Thursdays

The Mead Community Primary School, Hilperton Thursday 18:10-19:10 Thursdays

Broad Chalke Village Hall, near Salisbury – 17:00-18:00 Fridays

We’ve been working hard over the last month to build some fantastic new clubs. We hope these new clubs provide parents with more convenient times and locations to bring their child/ren to martial arts classes in our clubs across Wiltshire and Somerset. 

Check out these pictures below, within 10 miles of Bath we  now have 12 clubs and within 10 miles of Salisbury we have 9 clubs… surely we have a club close to you? 


www.warrioracademy.co.uk/trial – Martial Arts classes in Wiltshire and Somerset

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