Why develop leadership skills?
Lead. This is the last Step of The Warrior Method. It comes at the end of our process for developing Character, after Community, Inspire and Challenge. Learning to lead is such a vital part of our methodology as it prepares students for adult life while also solidifying their skills, giving them pride in their work and ability, a deeper understanding of our process and massively boosts their confidence.
Why develop leadership skills?
Leadership is defined as “The action of leading a group of people or an organisation, or the ability to do this”.
In the adult world, leadership is considered a vital skill in management, progression in work/professional life and the desired skill for adults to work as part of a team. Leadership is a social influence ability where the aim is to achieve a specific outcome for a group or organisation. The reality is, leadership is far more vital than we imagine and nurturing leadership skills and qualities from a very young age can be hugely beneficial to the development of a child’s character and their ongoing success, opportunity and happiness in life.
Leadership skills present themselves in many areas of our lives without us realising, from the way we communicate, to how we motivate ourselves, how we reason with others, our pursuit for challenges and adventure, the way we negotiate, our reliability, our ability to make decisions and even our emotional intelligence and our ability to forge strong relationships.
So, as we can see, there’s far more to Leadership than being in management in the adult world. Developing excellent leadership skills forges a strong character and I believe Martial Arts provides the perfect framework for a child to develop leadership skills in a progressive manner.
Over the next few blogs, we will be deconstructing the effect of developing leadership skills in young people. We hope you enjoy them!