Why is goal setting important
It’s interesting that while we expect adults to have goals we rarely think of a 4 to 6 year old child with a set of their own goals. Yet goals stem from healthy needs or wants, desires and ambition all of which is applicable to any age and as human beings, we all naturally have our own unique goals.
Learning to set and achieve goals helps young people in a number of ways:
It will develop their focus as they understand to achieve each goal they will need to set targets and apply themselves in one form or another to achieve their goals.
The process of setting goals will improve their attention to detail as they break down big goals into smaller goals and begin to pick apart the process of success.
It will develop patience through the understanding of delaying gratification until a goal is achieved and a reward can be earned. All of which is an incredibly healthy learning experience.
Learning to set and achieve their own goals will improve their self esteem and confidence. They will begin to understand that big goals are in fact very achievable if broken down and the feeling of being rewarded and recognised for their hard work will reinforce the positive feeling of success that they have produced.
Learning about setting and achieving goals will teach a child about perseverance, about “not giving up” and this will give them drive to succeed.
Teaching a young person to set and achieve goals gives a young person heaps of valuable learning experiences. Not only does it physically help them to achieve their goals, it will absolutely develop their Character.